Monday, 23 January 2012

The pseudo-Science

Influence on impressionable minds
It is really very amusing with the way science has endeared to our hearts like the way a kid is absorbed in the superhuman acts of his dream heroes like superman, He-Man, and such other characters.
We have developed a very sweet relationship with scientists and science for all they taught us. I remember very vividly how I would be listening and reading in awe everything a scientist would say or a science magazine would glorify. I remember those simple words like “concepts” , “proof”, “inference”, “hypothesis” and other related terminologies. In fact after I came to know about great scientists like Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg …and their great theories and experiments it was like..”Gosh..these guys can do anything…” I am repeating here but I can’t resist saying that these people,had kind of become sweetheart, and subconsciously I was in love with them, not ready to listen anything against them..ready to protect them saying that..”it is just a matter of time and everything will be crystal clear in front of me….” Sometimes I feel we like them more than for what they have done actually. We appear more confident on what they have taught us, than they themselves.

Traffic and Transcendence: How to accelerate towards pure devotional service!

They say that a spiritual or mystic realization can happen to anyone, at any place and any time. But merely knowing fact is not enough unless it actually happens to you. The ecstasy lies in experiencing it yourself!

 It was just another day on my way to office. I had managed to complete my daily quota of Japa just in time, and was in a real hurry to reach my desk on time. It was the same route, the same bike, and the same bustling traffic of good old Pune! The heat of the sun and the suffocating smoke of sulphur made matters even worse. To add insult to injury, I got stuck right in the middle of a huge traffic jam, which showed no signs of clearing out. I parked my bike on the road side and stood on the divider to see if there is even the slightest hint of a "light at the end of the tunnel" (in this case the tunnel extended ahead of me as well as behind me!). But all hopes led to eventual frustration.


“You make sure I win, and I promise to chant 16 rounds every day.” Devotional service started with a bargain for Nirdosh, the lead guitarist of the band   De Innovatives. “I knew all the philosophy but my faith was a hardcovered seed with a sapling waiting to crack out.” Nirdosh adds. He was in the queue for auditions of an MTV talent hunt, standing far away from the entrance behind thousands of contestants.

Suddenly, there was a huddle and few moments later he was the first contestant in the line; the anxiety of chanting  sixteen rounds daily superseded the happiness of his altered first position in the queue. In the next few weeks he encountered more incidents where Krishna responded to his challenges and surprised him. His faith believed in everything which his common sense was not allowing him to believe in. Finally, he won the contest beating more than 5000 contestants bagging the title of best guitarist and the winner of MTV - Rock On. He surrendered to Krishna by  beginning to chant 16 rounds.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Kartik Experiences in Vrindavan

This years Kartik yatra to Vrindavan was from 22nd October to 4th November the yatra is over but the cracks on my feet are still not healed
We arrived in Vrindavan on 21st morning which was one day before yatra. I visited Krishna Balaram temple and prayed that I must be of some service to the devotees. When I was loittering around the temple premises one mataji called me to do the seva  of shining the huge  brass lamps which was to be kept near Radha Shyam Sunder which I did with all my strength and was happy rather proud to see them shining so brightly near the deities at night but later on I felt the Lord is just trying to give me little seva and see how I behave.

Krishna-the ultimate God

I was fifteen. Like everybody else, I too believed in God. But not in any specific God or Goddess, I worshipped each one equally. But still, I wasn’t satisfied. I used to think, there should be one God with whom I form a close connection. There should be one God to whom I tell all my worries and become carefree, to whom I always turn to when I wanted. I would treat this one God as my best friend.
I was confused. I was confused because I could not select one particular God from the several Gods and Goddesses. So, I prayed. I prayed to all of them to help me sort out this confusion. And finally, my prayers were answered. I got attracted to the most attractive God. The most attractive God is the one whose name itself means all-attractive. Krishna. Krishna is the ultimate God. I have a strong faith in Him. 

Wake Up

Life’s fast for everybody. At the same time, it’s hard too. What we people do is, we conveniently excuse ourselves from our spiritual life by saying that our lives are fast and that we cannot remove any time for our spiritual pursuits. Here’s the problem. We do not understand how serious it is that we are ignoring our spiritual life. I recently read in an article that serious spiritualists remove time for their spiritual life no matter what. They are super busy yet they manage to remove some time to conduct their spiritual affairs.
We have to make ourselves realize that time is limited. We have this wrong notion in our minds that we have ample of time. We tend to procrastinate. We postpone the things in our life by convincing ourselves that we will do them later. I agree, life’s fast. There are so many things lined up to be done. But then, when will we remove time for the most important thing in our lives? When will we do the things that are required to be done? We do not understand the gravity of the situation. How hard it is to remove a few hours to read the holy books? To chant the holy name? How hard it is to offer food to the Lord before consuming it ourselves? God has Himself simplified the tasks that we ought to do and yet we don’t do them.