Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hope in this age of Kaliyuga

This age of  Kaliyuga is an age of quarrel and hypocrisy.People are interested only in material advancement and sense pleasures. Butthere is yet hope for all of us. We have the previous acharyas to show us thepath of enlightenment. It is very difficult to grasp what is meant in the scriptures, so we have to take the help of a spiritual master to guide us. Thereis so much that the spiritual master can give us, but we should have faith inhis nectarean words. Though this world is a miserable place to live in, LordChaitanya Mahaprabhu gave us this great benediction for conditioned souls likeus – the Mahamantra. By constantly hearing and chanting the glories of theLord, we can hope to cleanse our hearts. The form, names, activities, pastimes and glories of the Lord are so wonderful that it uplifts us just be hearing about them. But it is very important to hear from authorized sources. We shouldonly hear from great acharyas and spiritual masters who are in the disciplic succession and who are self- realized souls.

Krishna you are my everything

Krishna you are my everything    
Sometimes you are my fellow being,master and sometimes you act as a subordinate  who abide my words and pleads too.

This world is full of miseries and defeat, my heart goes to you when I weep too.

Krishna you are my everything.

There is nobody, with whom we can share a bond, like a relation I strongly feel with you since you are my producer and real parent on whose guidance.

I not only groom but moved too. The moment, I revived my connection with you.

I truly felt that thankfully,finally  I reached to you.

Krishna you are my everything.

- Nisha

"Who wants to take initiation"

Here is a wonderful conversation between a neophyte devotee and Goloka Vrindavana Help Desk Executive.

 Devotee : !!Hare Krsna!! Is this Goloka Vrindavana Help desk?
Executive : !!Hare Krsna!! Yeah Prabhuji. Tell me how can I help you ?

Devotee : I want to know the meaning of Initiation. I am very fool and rascal kind of person and really like a worm who is very stupid and did not have much brain. Please guide me.
Exceutive : Aha ha. Prabhuji ji Initiation starts when you are humble and from your language it sounds that you are already getting purified.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Varnashrama and Vaishnavism

One of my relatives has a very bad opinion of ISKCON because of some wrong propaganda he came across. Like me, he comes from a Çré Vaisnava South Indian family. Recently, when he visited my house, he got his hands on the book Brahmina and Vaishnava, a compilation of famous lectures delivered by Srila Bhaktisiddhänta Sarasvati Thakura, establishing the superiority of a Vaishnava over a Brahmina. When he read it, his opinions about ISKCON further worsened. He wrote to me raising his concerns over the philosophical basis of Vaishnavism in general, and ISKCON in particular.

What follows is my reply to his numerous concerns.
Question 1: I know that Varnashrama is bona fide. Krishna has mentioned about it in the Bhagavad-gita. Where does this concept of Vaishnavism come from? Isn’t it a recent fad? As far as I know, people in different sections of the Varnashrama can worship any god like Brahma, Viñëu or Çiva.

a) Varnashrama—what is it?

Varnashrama is the bifurcation of the society into spiritual and social orders. The four varëas are Brahmina, kshatriya, vaisya and çüdra. The four äçramas are brahmacarya, grihasta, vänaprastha

Oops! I forgot to pay my loan's installments

I approached to the Krsna's Bank Representative and asked about my pending loan from His Bank. Here is the conversation between the Krsna's Banker and me.

Banker : Hare Krsna! Welcome to Krsna's Bank!
Me: !Hare Krsna! Thanks.
Banker : How can I help you mataji ?
Me : ummmh . I want to pay back my loan.

Banker : Oh Ok. Let me check your Account Details.

Me : Sure . Please Go Ahead.
Banker : Mataji - I found your Account Details. Here are your details