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From Happy - Less To Happiness

People want to conquer. They want to rule. They want to prove things to the world. They conquer lands, companies; try to conquer space, people and their hearts and so on. The present age mantras are,” Rise to the challenge! Prove to the world that you are a man of mettle! Go kiss the world! Conquer the whole world. It’s waiting for you. Life is about how much you can take and still carry on.” and so forth. So, basically in this world people are in frenzy. Competition is at its peak. People are fixed on being successful in life. ‘Success’ is the present age holy-grail.

Everyone is dragged into this rat race, so much so that even children are inextricably a part of this from very tender ages. People are pushing very hard. There seems to be nothing called limit these days.Children are trained, at school to prepare hard for the competitive exams. After that, in colleges or universities they are trained to become ‘professionals’. The first 20 years of a child’s life is spent in preparation for the next 20. Ironically, the next 20, after so much hard work, is not a phase of relaxation and enjoying the fruits of hard earned labor. On the contrary, it’s a phase of struggle. One has to tolerate cutting-edge competition and all that goes with it, and rise to the top of the hierarchy which takes another 20 years.
So 40 years of life are spent in preparation for the next phase. After so much of hard work, is there finally a reward for the hard work? Again, it’s a big no. People have to work hard to maintain the reputation and stature that they have pain-stakingly made for themselves. Of course, this example is more inclined in the corporate world. But even in the small scale empires, the example holds good. The point is, the whole life is spent for achieving success. Name, fame, wealth, glory, status, education in a reputed place etc are all considered to be the definitions of success and happiness.So in pursuit of happiness is the whole world moving. In this cutting edge competition, no one pauses to think for a second,” Hey! I am doing all this for happiness, but am I happy?”Ironically, people who are in the top-of-the-world in the success chart are the most unhappy. This can be justified by the following evidences. America, as the world knows in the heartthrob, the crux of the modern civilization. It is America that the world is looking at, for directions to move towards. Why? It is because they are supposedly very passionate and successful people. Following them will make every country healthy, wealthy and wise. But an astonishing 70-80% of the Americans seek psychiatric help! In a survey conducted by the London times, Bangladesh was found to be the happiest nation in the world! And they are one of the poorest.But people who seek happiness are as far away from it as they can ever be. They hardly get to spend time at home, children are left by themselves as both parents go for work, meeting round-the-clock, lots of work even during weekends and so on. In a man’s quest for happiness, most of his time is spent for acquiring wealth. This takes his most of his productive life. Which he sadly can’t even enjoy in his dying days. His children take over and cast him aside.

A Simple Prayer


Oh butter thief, most beautiful, these eyes are not able to see you, of what use are they?

Oh butter thief, most merciful, these hands are not able to serve you, of what use are they?

Oh butter thief, most nectarian, this tongue is unable to glorify you, of what use is it?

Oh butter thief, most munificent, this body is not able to jump with love, of what use is it?

Oh butter thief, most loving, this soul is not able cling to you, of what use is it?

Oh butter thief, of what use is anything without you?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when this fool is helpless against thy beautiful glance?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when this fool dances to your tunes? 

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when this fool is intoxicated with love for you?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when this fool glorifies you like uncontrollable wind?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when this fool remembers you constantly?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when tears flow like rivers from the eyes when he remembers you?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when there is no time for eating, sleeping but time only for you?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when the unlimited nectar in thy holy name unleashed in my heart, and roll in the ground maddened with ecstasy?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when you steal this heart and all my desires other than you and leave me hungry for your sight?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when my hunger is satisfied by hearing about you, m tiredness is palliated by speaking about you, my blindness is removed by seeing you, my deafness by hearing you, my muteness by glorifying you, my lameness by jumping for you, my forgetfulness by remembering you, and my fear by holding on to you?

Oh, butter thief, when will the time come when I finally remember that I belong to you, only to you, and only to you..........????

By Siddharth Chivukula

Krishna- The Supreme Lord

Krishna is the one with whom we can form a close connection. He can be a guide, an understanding friend, a loving parent, a pampering sibling and a fantastic lover. One can form any kind of a relationship with Him. Once you form a relation, that’s it. Your job is done. Now Krishna will take care of you. He’ll make sure that you never get disappointed. Forming a relationship with Him is important. Its important because then only will you be able to open up to Him. Be it a friend, a guide, a parent, a lover, a sibling, anything. Krishna is ready to become anything for His devotees. He is always forward in helping His devotees. Once you should experience this.
Just imagine a time when you are deeply upset over something and there’s no one who can understand you properly. You don’t know who you should talk to. Come to Krishna. Pour your heart out in front of Him. You’ll feel amazingly calm. You will feel as if someone has lifted a heavy burden off your weak shoulders. You will feel happy and relieved. Suddenly the problem that you were worrying about will become tiny. Its only because of Krishna. He gave you the motivation, support and the spirit.
Always remember, Krishna loves you immensely. He’s always there for you no matter what. All you have to do is to form a relationship with Him, a good and a pure relationship, a relationship of love. That’s it.  The job is done.

By Swati Pandey

A Gorgeous Temple In Chennai ,BTG July 2012 Edition

Monday, 11 June 2012

Struggle is the name of the game as long as we are in this material world

"Struggle is the name of the game as long as we are in this material world."

- H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

         One may be wonder stuck to hear struggle as a game. We have heard of many games - Cricket, football, tennis, kabbadi, chess and so ... on. But till today, we have never heard struggle as game. Sorry to say, but true, every step taken in life is a struggle. Not only human being, in fact every living entity in this world have to suffer. Let that be animals, Plants, birds, Humans every one struggles for their existence.

          When a child is in the womb of mother, it has to suffer a lot, as soon as a child is born all the real problem starts - BIRTH, OLD AGE, DISEASE and DEATH. Unfortunately, these are not the only problem, along with the real problem we get other problems free such as stress, depression, dualities, in life - failures and victory, joy and sorrow, relationship problem, misunderstanding, clashes etc. Everything becomes too much then a person starts thinking - "I should have been the victim in a bomb blast or whatever"they start thinking negative and waste their human life. These are common problem which everyone - whether a devotee or a non devotee faces in day to day life.

I will show you Krishna face to face...

 I will show you Krishna face to face...

On 14th may 2012, an air crash in Nepal claimelife of 8 devotees.
This tragic incident challenged the faith of many.

Lord Krishna protects his devotees. So how did he allow this to happen? 
What is the fate of their souls? 
Many mature devotees from all over the world wrote nice consoling letters. These letters not only consoled the devotees but also gave them a spiritual vision to look at these tragic events. Auspicious or inauspicious
Offerings to departed devotees at ISKCON JuhuAfter such event there is always a debate – whether such a death is auspicious or inauspicious? We have to consider following points in this regard.

1.These devotees left there bodies in Muktinath,
the holy abode of the Lord. Is such a death in Lords Holy Abode auspicious or inauspicious?

2.These devotees were on a pilgrimage. They were away from the day to day interactions in the material world. So they were in the best of their consciousness as they were approaching Muktinath who is the giver of liberation. Is such a consciousness at the time of death auspicious or inauspicious?

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hope in this age of Kaliyuga

This age of  Kaliyuga is an age of quarrel and hypocrisy.People are interested only in material advancement and sense pleasures. Butthere is yet hope for all of us. We have the previous acharyas to show us thepath of enlightenment. It is very difficult to grasp what is meant in the scriptures, so we have to take the help of a spiritual master to guide us. Thereis so much that the spiritual master can give us, but we should have faith inhis nectarean words. Though this world is a miserable place to live in, LordChaitanya Mahaprabhu gave us this great benediction for conditioned souls likeus – the Mahamantra. By constantly hearing and chanting the glories of theLord, we can hope to cleanse our hearts. The form, names, activities, pastimes and glories of the Lord are so wonderful that it uplifts us just be hearing about them. But it is very important to hear from authorized sources. We shouldonly hear from great acharyas and spiritual masters who are in the disciplic succession and who are self- realized souls.

Krishna you are my everything

Krishna you are my everything    
Sometimes you are my fellow being,master and sometimes you act as a subordinate  who abide my words and pleads too.

This world is full of miseries and defeat, my heart goes to you when I weep too.

Krishna you are my everything.

There is nobody, with whom we can share a bond, like a relation I strongly feel with you since you are my producer and real parent on whose guidance.

I not only groom but moved too. The moment, I revived my connection with you.

I truly felt that thankfully,finally  I reached to you.

Krishna you are my everything.

- Nisha

"Who wants to take initiation"

Here is a wonderful conversation between a neophyte devotee and Goloka Vrindavana Help Desk Executive.

 Devotee : !!Hare Krsna!! Is this Goloka Vrindavana Help desk?
Executive : !!Hare Krsna!! Yeah Prabhuji. Tell me how can I help you ?

Devotee : I want to know the meaning of Initiation. I am very fool and rascal kind of person and really like a worm who is very stupid and did not have much brain. Please guide me.
Exceutive : Aha ha. Prabhuji ji Initiation starts when you are humble and from your language it sounds that you are already getting purified.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Varnashrama and Vaishnavism

One of my relatives has a very bad opinion of ISKCON because of some wrong propaganda he came across. Like me, he comes from a Çré Vaisnava South Indian family. Recently, when he visited my house, he got his hands on the book Brahmina and Vaishnava, a compilation of famous lectures delivered by Srila Bhaktisiddhänta Sarasvati Thakura, establishing the superiority of a Vaishnava over a Brahmina. When he read it, his opinions about ISKCON further worsened. He wrote to me raising his concerns over the philosophical basis of Vaishnavism in general, and ISKCON in particular.

What follows is my reply to his numerous concerns.
Question 1: I know that Varnashrama is bona fide. Krishna has mentioned about it in the Bhagavad-gita. Where does this concept of Vaishnavism come from? Isn’t it a recent fad? As far as I know, people in different sections of the Varnashrama can worship any god like Brahma, Viñëu or Çiva.

a) Varnashrama—what is it?

Varnashrama is the bifurcation of the society into spiritual and social orders. The four varëas are Brahmina, kshatriya, vaisya and çüdra. The four äçramas are brahmacarya, grihasta, vänaprastha

Oops! I forgot to pay my loan's installments

I approached to the Krsna's Bank Representative and asked about my pending loan from His Bank. Here is the conversation between the Krsna's Banker and me.

Banker : Hare Krsna! Welcome to Krsna's Bank!
Me: !Hare Krsna! Thanks.
Banker : How can I help you mataji ?
Me : ummmh . I want to pay back my loan.

Banker : Oh Ok. Let me check your Account Details.

Me : Sure . Please Go Ahead.
Banker : Mataji - I found your Account Details. Here are your details

Monday, 23 January 2012

The pseudo-Science

Influence on impressionable minds
It is really very amusing with the way science has endeared to our hearts like the way a kid is absorbed in the superhuman acts of his dream heroes like superman, He-Man, and such other characters.
We have developed a very sweet relationship with scientists and science for all they taught us. I remember very vividly how I would be listening and reading in awe everything a scientist would say or a science magazine would glorify. I remember those simple words like “concepts” , “proof”, “inference”, “hypothesis” and other related terminologies. In fact after I came to know about great scientists like Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg …and their great theories and experiments it was like..”Gosh..these guys can do anything…” I am repeating here but I can’t resist saying that these people,had kind of become sweetheart, and subconsciously I was in love with them, not ready to listen anything against them..ready to protect them saying that..”it is just a matter of time and everything will be crystal clear in front of me….” Sometimes I feel we like them more than for what they have done actually. We appear more confident on what they have taught us, than they themselves.

Traffic and Transcendence: How to accelerate towards pure devotional service!

They say that a spiritual or mystic realization can happen to anyone, at any place and any time. But merely knowing fact is not enough unless it actually happens to you. The ecstasy lies in experiencing it yourself!

 It was just another day on my way to office. I had managed to complete my daily quota of Japa just in time, and was in a real hurry to reach my desk on time. It was the same route, the same bike, and the same bustling traffic of good old Pune! The heat of the sun and the suffocating smoke of sulphur made matters even worse. To add insult to injury, I got stuck right in the middle of a huge traffic jam, which showed no signs of clearing out. I parked my bike on the road side and stood on the divider to see if there is even the slightest hint of a "light at the end of the tunnel" (in this case the tunnel extended ahead of me as well as behind me!). But all hopes led to eventual frustration.


“You make sure I win, and I promise to chant 16 rounds every day.” Devotional service started with a bargain for Nirdosh, the lead guitarist of the band   De Innovatives. “I knew all the philosophy but my faith was a hardcovered seed with a sapling waiting to crack out.” Nirdosh adds. He was in the queue for auditions of an MTV talent hunt, standing far away from the entrance behind thousands of contestants.

Suddenly, there was a huddle and few moments later he was the first contestant in the line; the anxiety of chanting  sixteen rounds daily superseded the happiness of his altered first position in the queue. In the next few weeks he encountered more incidents where Krishna responded to his challenges and surprised him. His faith believed in everything which his common sense was not allowing him to believe in. Finally, he won the contest beating more than 5000 contestants bagging the title of best guitarist and the winner of MTV - Rock On. He surrendered to Krishna by  beginning to chant 16 rounds.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Kartik Experiences in Vrindavan

This years Kartik yatra to Vrindavan was from 22nd October to 4th November the yatra is over but the cracks on my feet are still not healed
We arrived in Vrindavan on 21st morning which was one day before yatra. I visited Krishna Balaram temple and prayed that I must be of some service to the devotees. When I was loittering around the temple premises one mataji called me to do the seva  of shining the huge  brass lamps which was to be kept near Radha Shyam Sunder which I did with all my strength and was happy rather proud to see them shining so brightly near the deities at night but later on I felt the Lord is just trying to give me little seva and see how I behave.

Krishna-the ultimate God

I was fifteen. Like everybody else, I too believed in God. But not in any specific God or Goddess, I worshipped each one equally. But still, I wasn’t satisfied. I used to think, there should be one God with whom I form a close connection. There should be one God to whom I tell all my worries and become carefree, to whom I always turn to when I wanted. I would treat this one God as my best friend.
I was confused. I was confused because I could not select one particular God from the several Gods and Goddesses. So, I prayed. I prayed to all of them to help me sort out this confusion. And finally, my prayers were answered. I got attracted to the most attractive God. The most attractive God is the one whose name itself means all-attractive. Krishna. Krishna is the ultimate God. I have a strong faith in Him. 

Wake Up

Life’s fast for everybody. At the same time, it’s hard too. What we people do is, we conveniently excuse ourselves from our spiritual life by saying that our lives are fast and that we cannot remove any time for our spiritual pursuits. Here’s the problem. We do not understand how serious it is that we are ignoring our spiritual life. I recently read in an article that serious spiritualists remove time for their spiritual life no matter what. They are super busy yet they manage to remove some time to conduct their spiritual affairs.
We have to make ourselves realize that time is limited. We have this wrong notion in our minds that we have ample of time. We tend to procrastinate. We postpone the things in our life by convincing ourselves that we will do them later. I agree, life’s fast. There are so many things lined up to be done. But then, when will we remove time for the most important thing in our lives? When will we do the things that are required to be done? We do not understand the gravity of the situation. How hard it is to remove a few hours to read the holy books? To chant the holy name? How hard it is to offer food to the Lord before consuming it ourselves? God has Himself simplified the tasks that we ought to do and yet we don’t do them.