Friday, 31 August 2012

Krishna- The Supreme Lord

Krishna is the one with whom we can form a close connection. He can be a guide, an understanding friend, a loving parent, a pampering sibling and a fantastic lover. One can form any kind of a relationship with Him. Once you form a relation, that’s it. Your job is done. Now Krishna will take care of you. He’ll make sure that you never get disappointed. Forming a relationship with Him is important. Its important because then only will you be able to open up to Him. Be it a friend, a guide, a parent, a lover, a sibling, anything. Krishna is ready to become anything for His devotees. He is always forward in helping His devotees. Once you should experience this.
Just imagine a time when you are deeply upset over something and there’s no one who can understand you properly. You don’t know who you should talk to. Come to Krishna. Pour your heart out in front of Him. You’ll feel amazingly calm. You will feel as if someone has lifted a heavy burden off your weak shoulders. You will feel happy and relieved. Suddenly the problem that you were worrying about will become tiny. Its only because of Krishna. He gave you the motivation, support and the spirit.
Always remember, Krishna loves you immensely. He’s always there for you no matter what. All you have to do is to form a relationship with Him, a good and a pure relationship, a relationship of love. That’s it.  The job is done.

By Swati Pandey

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