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Struggle is the name of the game as long as we are in this material world

"Struggle is the name of the game as long as we are in this material world."

- H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

         One may be wonder stuck to hear struggle as a game. We have heard of many games - Cricket, football, tennis, kabbadi, chess and so ... on. But till today, we have never heard struggle as game. Sorry to say, but true, every step taken in life is a struggle. Not only human being, in fact every living entity in this world have to suffer. Let that be animals, Plants, birds, Humans every one struggles for their existence.

          When a child is in the womb of mother, it has to suffer a lot, as soon as a child is born all the real problem starts - BIRTH, OLD AGE, DISEASE and DEATH. Unfortunately, these are not the only problem, along with the real problem we get other problems free such as stress, depression, dualities, in life - failures and victory, joy and sorrow, relationship problem, misunderstanding, clashes etc. Everything becomes too much then a person starts thinking - "I should have been the victim in a bomb blast or whatever"they start thinking negative and waste their human life. These are common problem which everyone - whether a devotee or a non devotee faces in day to day life.

          A person is devotee, doesn’t mean that he is free from all problems. In fact a devotee faces more problems than an ordinary person. One may find it as exaggeration, but Lord test devotee’s patience. Pure devotee of the lord does not get disturbed by problems. Because they k now that the world (material) is full of dangerous snakes, who are ready to attack us any moment. But people are so much illusion by maya, that they think snakes to be the rope and try to untie the knots of rope with their own insignificant power and energy. And they untie one knot one thinks that they have achieved a big thing and starts to enjoy, but as soon as another snake (knot) comes in front of them they get bewildered and start lamenting. This goes on …. This struggling battle of dualities of life, one’s life ends.

          Any solution ??? Solution is simple, We must accept the problem as it is without retaliating. One may say “ OK, we will accept it but how to practically behave or face the situation without disturbance. “ First of all we should understand that Krishna is the Supreme personality of Godhead. All the relationship in this world is temporary, but one relationship with Krishna is eternal. Krishna is our real mother, father, well-wisher, friend … Who knows our past present and future and who is cause of all causes. A father is never happy when he sees his child suffering miserably. Father tries to reduce his burden and relieve him of this sorrow, but if the child is adamant and does not listen to father and goes against his will, then ultimately he has to suffer. Similarly Lord Krishna is our supreme father, who loves us a lot, and he never feels happy to see us in miserable condition. It is we who is adamant and don’t want to surrender to Him and lead a life according to Him, thus we remain miserable. Unhappy, struggling with dualities of  of life.
Krishna is so merciful. He guarantees us that he would relieve us from the conditions and live life happily for ever. Krishna has given us the easiest means of chanting the holy name 

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare |
Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare ||

Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita :
Yad Karoshi yad asnashi yaj juhoshi dadashi yat Yat tapasyasi Kauteya tat krusva mad arpanam
Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away and whatever Austerities you perform – do that, O son of Kunti, as an offering to me.
Everyone has to do his or her prescribed duty; No one can get rid of his duty. But one should mold his life in such a way that he will not forget Krishna in any circumstances. Every activity should be done as an offering to Krishna. As H. H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj says “Whatever service we do Chanting, hearing, singing, Kirtan, dancing, reading scriptures or doing any of the service, it should be done for Krishna and our mind should be conscious that how can I please you my lord, through this service.” If we have this attitude then our struggle, suffering would be reduced. Not quantitatively but qualitatively (i.e. our tolerance power is increased)
          Where there is Krishna, there is Victory. So we should never be afraid of anything in this material world. We have to just do things sincerely, and Krishna is always with us. He would guide us in all the situation.. Only quality that is needed is the surrendering attitude. Whatever situation comes, whether good or bad, just hold on to Krishna’s Lotus feet. Then we would feel that our anxiety, fear, whatever dualities we may be going through would disappear like flies. It is v simple. Just accept Krishna as our life and soul and make struggling life happy… which ultimately results in good. 

by Suvarna Acharya.

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