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I will show you Krishna face to face...

 I will show you Krishna face to face...

On 14th may 2012, an air crash in Nepal claimelife of 8 devotees.
This tragic incident challenged the faith of many.

Lord Krishna protects his devotees. So how did he allow this to happen? 
What is the fate of their souls? 
Many mature devotees from all over the world wrote nice consoling letters. These letters not only consoled the devotees but also gave them a spiritual vision to look at these tragic events. Auspicious or inauspicious
Offerings to departed devotees at ISKCON JuhuAfter such event there is always a debate – whether such a death is auspicious or inauspicious? We have to consider following points in this regard.

1.These devotees left there bodies in Muktinath,
the holy abode of the Lord. Is such a death in Lords Holy Abode auspicious or inauspicious?

2.These devotees were on a pilgrimage. They were away from the day to day interactions in the material world. So they were in the best of their consciousness as they were approaching Muktinath who is the giver of liberation. Is such a consciousness at the time of death auspicious or inauspicious?

3.Since all of 8 devotees were together when they left their bodies, they died in association of devotees. Is death in  association of devotees auspicious or inauspicious?

4.One thing is for sure all that the devotees must have definitely started chanting intensely moment the plane started tottering and Krishna has promised in Bhagvat Gita that whoever utters my name at the time of death will come back to me (shloka). If they have died while chanting the HolyName, is such death auspicious or inauspicious?

5.Lord Krishna exercises his control on everything from moving planets to a blade of grass. So can he not control and prevent the blades of the plane from hitting the mountain? The very fact he allowed this incident to happen means he wanted all those devotees to return to his abode on that particular day.

Mystical Murali Murlimohan was the devotee who conceived this idea of this Muktinath Yatra. When he was council devotees to join him for this yatra, he was assuring all of them, “ Come with me to Muktinath and I will show you Krishna face to face.” Was he saying it seriously or casually?
During the condolence meeting His close friend Madhavprasad Prabhu recited 3 incidents proving that whatever Murali spoke always  came true.

1.Muralimohan was in Jaipur. His dear friend was debating with him. Muralimahan said, “ You should accept defeat if all the deities in Jaipur are dressed in pink tomorrow.” As both of them took darshans on the next day, all the deities in Jaipur were dressed in pink dress. Murali's friend accepted defeat.

2.Murali was traveling with his friend Gopal to Nashik for purchasing Sandalwood for his deities. Before starting the journey, Murali put a garland on the car. This was the garland of his deities. He instructed Gopal that this garland should not be removed till the journey is over. Before starting the return Journey, someone removed the Garland while cleaning the car and the car meet with an accident during the return journey.

3.One mataji was attending satsang at Muralis home. She got a phone call from her daughter who found cockroach in her meal while dining in a hotel. Mataji immediately came out of the satsang and was about to leave for that hotel. Murali stopped her. He said, “ Don’t leave a satsang, just to fight with a hotel owner on this ‘cockroach’ issue. If you leave he satsang, you will find cockroaches in your home tomorrow. Mataji ignored muralis request and left. Next day, she found cockroaches in every cupboard of her home.

This mystical Muralimohan had promised all the devotees that – ‘if you come with me for the Muktinath yatra, you  will show you Krishna face to face.’
So there is no doubt that they have 
seen Krishna face to face and Krishna has taken them back to Godhead.

by Yugaavtaar das.

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